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Making Entries for
OxfordAQA English Qualifications

Make sure you have been registered at an OxfordAQA Approved Centre and contact your Exam Officer. Or your entries will unsuccessful and the entry fee is non-refundable.


Benchmarked to UK domestic standards

Grades 1 to 9


Flexible and regulated exam sessions

June and Nov


Globally Recognised and Trusted

Results Shared

OxfordAQA Qualifications
Fair Assessment

Follow the JCQ ICE
Integrity and Confidentiality

OxfordAQA (and AQA) is a member of the Joint Council for Qualifications. Candidates should follow the ‘ICE’ – Instructions for conducting examinations for academic integrity and assessment confidentiality.


OxfordAQA Candidates must follow

  • The JCQ ICE regulations.


  • The exam administration and regulations are scheduled and conducted by your exam officer and exam staff.


  • Any attempt to breach the OxfordAQA assessment confidentiality will be considered malpractice and investigated.


  • Any malpractice will make candidates disqualified.

  • The centre and our external inspectors from the British Council will report any malpractice to the awarding body.

  • The awarding body will report to the regulators and university partners of any malpractice.

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